The word Chandelier in itself beams with suave and sophistication. This word originates from a French word for candle called “chandelle”. Have you ever wondered why? In the olden days, Chandeliers had two wooden beams forming a cross with stands at the end which could hold candles. It is only with time and innovation, that we now have a wide array of designs, small to big, metal to crystal and more. Chandeliers were first used in Europe by a church which later gained popularity and started getting used by castles and royal palaces as a decorative piece of lighting.

Now, that was history! In the present day scenario, Chandeliers are commonly used be it at homes, office spaces, galleries or lobbies. Having said that, they still tend to have a vague association with grandeur and grace making it one of a kind. It is this piece of lighting that holds the power of transforming a simple room to something simply stunning.

Chandeliers Lighting

Chandeliers - this humongous yet dainty piece of art may not be of everyones liking. With modern technology, innovation and design, chandeliers now come in varied sizes and designs that blend in perfectly with the vibe of your space and your personality.

What do you gravitate more towards, retro-style chandeliers, french provincial chandeliers, modern-style chandeliers, or minimalist-style chandeliers? Whatever may it be, Lights4Less has you covered.

If you are looking to add a little bit of oomph to your lighting, Chandeliers are your perfect choice. They don’t only glam up your space but they also give your space definition and completeness with the beauty it radiates.

Every home has a vibe and what accentuates it further is the choice of lights. Add that extra bit of luxury, warmth, sophistication, and regality with the opulence of chandeliers.

A chandelier in the living room is sure to grab attention and have a impressive lasting impression, a chandelier in the bedroom has the tendency of filling it up with panache making every second memorable and grateful while a chandelier in the bathroom enhances the shower experience multiple folds.

However easy this sounds, buying a chandelier demands attention as well as detailing. Never bought a chandelier before? Don’t hurry! And please don’t Worry because you have us to solve your query.

Chandelier Diameter:

Measure the length and the breadth of your room in feet. Add them two numbers up with inches as the suffix. There you go, that’s how much the diameter of your chandelier should be.

Eg. If the room is 11 ft by 14 ft, your chandelier should be 25 inches in size.

Chandelier Height:

Understanding the science, the higher the chandelier, larger is the circle of light cast on the floor. Lower the chandelier, the pool of cast on the floor will be smaller and brighter. One should choose a tall chandelier for a ceiling height between 9-10 feet. For lower ceilings, it’s ideal to pick a compact and a less tall design.

Chandeliers are sophisticated, functional and captivating all at once. From kitchens to walk-in closets, they have the ability to make your home look straight out of a magazine. Who wouldn’t like that?

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