Installation Ideas for Strip Lighting: Indoor and Outdoor

Are you the one who is addicted to making your house more and more representable and beautiful? Then you are at the right place! Don’t worry! I’m gonna give you a little idea about how you can make your dream come true by just using the strip lighting around your house. Of course, those days are gone when we all saw the dull white bulbs wherever we went. Now is the time to show some creativity because why not when you have strip lights by your side. Additionally, you can have these lights in different colours, and you can see by yourself how they actually set the vibe or add aesthetic to your house. There are many ways to utilize LED lights; read on to know how and where you can make use of them.


5 different ways to use indoor LED strip lights

You can use these kinds of lights inside your house to enhance some features, or architectural aesthetic or your favourite areas around the house.


  1. Install lights under cabinets in your kitchen

LED lights are suitable and look amazing under the cabinets. Moreover, it will be more convenient for you as you will be provided with additional lighting in your workspace. Otherwise, it could help you set the vibe of your kitchen area with bright lights. However, you can also install the lights in the lower cabinets near the kitchen floor. Setting them at a low glow and seeing how beautiful they look at nighttime as well as will be enough for you at midnight to grab some snacks. The most amazing fact about them is that they are very easy to install, you don’t have to drill.

lights under cabinets


  1. Enhance your ceiling with strip lighting

You can say that these are the most flexible and versatile types of lighting for the decor lovers. Have a ceiling with creative architectural structure? No worries! We have strip lightings for you to enhance the aesthetics of your ceiling. Additionally, the smart LED lights are so convenient that you can control them via an app unlike the conventional lighting that needs to be connected to the switch board.

ceiling with strip lighting


  1. Frame your TV with LEDs

Because of their sticky back, these could be set up on any surface. Want to make your entertainment area more enjoyable? Set LED lights around your TV and boost a vibe of your room. Moreover, if you have a gaming station or room, set these lights on the back of your screen and see how amazing it makes your gaming space more tempting. It will be really fascinating to see the lights getting dim and then changing colour in sync. What are you waiting for if you love to illuminate your house in different ways? Grab indoor strip lights and show what you got.

TV with LEDs  


  1. Line them up on stairs

There are two ways to set them up on your stairs; one is that you can set them along your entire staircase. In comparison, the other one is to place them beneath every stair. But, if you want to go for the easiest way, then place them along the whole staircase. You even have an option if deciding to set them on the side of your staircase. Either have them installed on the base or hide them under the trim or baseboard. Imagine how cool it would look when there is a party organized at your house. You can set the party vibe in a single touch.

Line them up on stairs 


  1. Enhance your furniture and other favourite things

Place strip lightings around your favourite furniture item to highlight. Also, you can install them under your side tables in your bedroom to make your bedroom furniture representable. Otherwise, put them around any furniture you want people to see and if there's something unique in your house. It will help highlight the furniture in the best possible way.

Enhance your furniture


Utilize strip lights in your outdoor area in 3 distinct ways

Outdoor LED strips might assist you in highlighting your favourite exterior elements, specifying certain places using lighting, setting the scene for an occasion outdoors, or basically expanding your living quarters, even as interior LED strips compliment your home furnishings.


  1. Cover your terrace or patio with strip LED lights

Cover the handrail of your balcony or porch with an external LED strip lighting. Connect the strip beneath the handrail, extending it to the entire railing to conceal the strip while casting illumination below onto the patio.

patio with strip LED lights 


  1. Place colourful lights in flower beds

One question for you, why do you plant flowers in your outdoor area? For enhancing the beauty of the area. Correct? Now you can make your outer region more aesthetic by using strip lights. Place LEDs under the flower beds and see how it enhances the beauty.

lights in flower beds 


  1. Make sure your paths are well-lit

Simply putting one lamp after the other across a pathway, route lighting is a common approach to govern the way across your lawn. You could cover the pathway, including LED strip lights, when you don't want to spend the money and space on several walkway lamps. Instead of brighter path lighting, an LED strip light across a walkway will lead you across your lawn with gentler, scattered lighting.

paths are well-light

Strip lighting