Perfect Lighting - The Cherry On The Cake

Perfect Lighting - The Cherry On The Cake

Creating an interior design project without proper lighting is like going to a fine dine restaurant, relishing the sides and getting back home. Well, that is not a bad thing to do too, but you may just miss out on the overall fine dine experience and the beauty of its delicious delicacies. Similarly, a beautiful plan without appropriate lighting solution in Australia is most often unimpressive. An architect as well as an interior designer may draw a plan with down-lights alone but it is the smaller nuances like the choice of lights that make all the difference. The right kind of lighting has the ability to create depth, height, cosy spots as well as a vibe that resonates with your taste. Not only that, it also can draw attention to spots and make it exceptionally beautiful or take away the glam from your most beautiful spot. After all, its all about the balance of light and shade that make your interiors stand out.

Be it your home, your office or a building, by now you must have understood the vitality of immaculate lighting. What exactly can perfect lighting do? Let’s explore!

Colour Management

The right choice of lighting can enhance the colours used by the interior designer. Your choice of lighting can also add or subtract from the colours of the room giving it a unique vibe of its own. Both, warm and cool lights also have a different effect on every element in the room.

Be bright while choosing your light!


As the name suggests, any light you install in your home or your office must have some functionality without which, it may feel like waste of money and electricity. As for instance, chandeliers are not only used in any room, hallway, bathroom or open foyers because of its centrally themed placement but also because they have a beautiful quality of illuminating any place like nothing else can. In a set up where functionality is of more importance than lighting up a room, task lighting comes perfectly handy.

Lights can be gorgeous and functional both, together!

Enhancing Design Elements

Every house has a corner, a painting, or a piece artefact that one would want to draw attention to. Have you ever wondered how can that be done effortlessly? Well, the answer is obvious, LIGHTS! The daylight has its own charm and mojo to bring out colours in the most soothing way and if that’s the same effect you want in the night, lights are your go to. The type of lights you select can transform a well lit inspiring place in the morning to a cosy, soft, and floaty room in the evening.

Lights have the power to enhance and enchant!


Lack of light can make a big room look small and sufficient lighting on the other hand can make a small room look big. This is the magic of correct lighting! Therefore, having corner lamps, chandeliers or wall sconces can make a room, be it a home or an office space, look visually more spacious.

Lights can create visual magic!

Create magic with lights and give your dream home a finesse that you can’t stop applauding. With an architect and an interior designer, having a light designer on board is a smart way forward. Having said that, better late than never; be smart and pick the lights online of your choice from Lights4Less