How To Select LED Lights For Your Home

LED lighting may seem expensive but it actually is economical in the long run. Known for its longevity, advanced energy efficiency standards, and durable nature LED lighting has gained popularity across the globe in recent years.

LED LIGHTS - Your Smart Move Ahead

What is it that you must consider while buying LED lights for your home? Here are a few pointers that may come in handy in your search for LED lights.

It’s Not Only About The Wattage

Back in the day, choosing a globe was simple. All we ever asked or observed was the wattage. Brighter the light, more favorable the globe. Now, with LED lights, we observe much more than just the wattage of the light.

Two Key Measurements

Lumen and Kelvin are the two key measurements that largely help one decide the best LED globe for your home. Lumens is indicative of the brightness whereas Kelvin is indicative of the warmth or the color of the light a globe radiates. Lower the kelvin value, warmer the light, and vice versa.

If you are thinking that this shift from normal lighting to LED lighting will also involve changing the fixtures as well, you are wrong. It most definitely won’t! Keep your favorite fixtures intact because all you have to do is change the globe alone.

Tips You Will Love!

  1. Make Sure Bulb Replacements Match Your Old Sockets
  2. Choose Bulbs With Smart Features
  3. Warm Is Homier
  4. Choose LED Strip Lights For Parties
  5. Choose Colours For Accent Lighting

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